Stand Up

Coming Soon…..


You’ll have the opportunity to let YOUR voice be heard to join me to STAND UP to bogus weight loss products, programs and gimmicks that just steal your money and leave you with another weight loss failure!


To see just how BIG this problem is, take a look at this website with HUNDREDS of diets and programs listed.


Millions of Americans want to lose weight. Because most people have tried to lose weight by unsuccessfully using their willpower to eat less and exercise more, they are looking for easy quick solutions and unscrupulous marketers are taking advantage of this!


From sprinkling a powder on your food to a belt that shocks your muscles, people waste MILLIONS of dollars on weight loss products that are complete scams!


Join me in standing up and letting our voice be heard!


Coming soon…. you will be able to sign your name to a petition that we will send to CONGRESS!!




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